The Bunker Hill



The Bunker Hill

The Bunker Hill Steps sweep alongside the city’s tallest towers and join the Bunker Hill district to the rest of downtown Los Angeles. Designed by landscape architect Lawrence Halprin, the steps draw pedestrians into a rich experience that captures the vitality of the city.

Connecting Fifth Street with Hope Street above, the Bunker Hill Steps encourage easy movement between the Bunker Hill commercial and cultural development, other major downtown centers and the Central Library.

The carefully-paced sequence of steps and platforms allow an enjoyable walk. Escalators are available for more rapid movement. Terraced landings offer platforms for outdoor cafes, while small kiosks invite strollers to buy flowers or a cappuccino.
‘Source Figure’ by internationally renowned sculptor Robert Graham, sits atop the Bunker Hill Steps and acts as a source for the runnels of water that cascade down the center of the stairs.

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